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“Miztuh Chazs Hailing from Manhattan, Kansas, Miztuh Chazs is generating a lot of attention with his ability to create club bangers that are driven by their stories. As an MC and producer, he has been churning out beats for various artists on the Bowgaurd roster, but even more importantly Chazs creates music with lasting power through his talents as a storyteller. Just listen to “Private Dancer." As Chazs takes listeners on this very murky and explicit journey through his encounters with pole-dancing aficionados, he is able to maintain the listener’s interest through his clever wordplay and catchy rhetoric. This is just one example of why this MC, who finished in second place in the 2006 Virgin Records/So So Def artist showcase, will ensure that there will never be uninteresting party cuts as long as he is around. LISTEN ”

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