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"DEEPER" A Supposition of Inception Affiliate

Opening with a nod to the film of the same name, Miztuh Chazs and Relly Darza spearhead Inception’s intro by declaring their belief that we’re close to achieving what DiCaprio did in the movie (invading the subconscious of other people) but “we just have to go deeper.” It’s oddly fitting then that the next track is a club banger about popping Percocet and Xanax with Instagram models – what better way to get closer to the subconscious than to lower inhibitions? Following suit, the subsequent tracks of Inception are lighthearted and fun, with methodical yet unexpected rhymes layered over polished flows. You can’t help but wonder why tracks like “Meagan Good” and “We Coolin’” aren’t getting rotation on national stations. Both artists put familiar metaphors and phrases to use in ways that sound fresh, showcasing that there’s no end to the acrobatic wordplay they present on this collaborative album.

- Alisha Escobedo

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