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Death At The Train Depot

December 1st 2018

You and several guests have been cordially invited to a holiday dinner by an old friend from highschool. What your friend was reluctant to tell you is that dinner will be in a haunted Train Depot! After a lovely dinner someone will expire! Is it an accident? Foul play? Or is a vengeful spirit the culprit? You and other guests will need to use your wits to discover the truth!

Tickets on sale now! Experience a three course meal with a murder mystery experience. You will feast on an appetizer, an entree with two sides, and a dessert. Available Entrees: Beef: Steak or Braised Beef Shoulder Chicken: Rosemary or Smoked Chicken Vegetarian: Zucchini Lasagna Each ticket is designated to a certain meal type. A glass of wine available for those 21 & up.

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